Data Cleansing Services

For Individuals or businesses with a constant need for data cleansing alternatively known as data cleaning, a simple and cost-effective approach is to outsource the service. Owning a big database will not mean much if it contains incorrect, inaccurate or unusable data. Using a clean enriched data in your marketing campaigns will result in higher ROI.

We help businesses categorize, modify, properly format, organize, remove and correct information contained in their databases across multiple fields.

Why Data Cleansing Is Important?

1. Accurate clean data increases customer acquisition.
2. Data cleansing enhances and makes the decision-making process easy.
3. Clean data smoothers business practices.
4. Clean and accurate data increases productivity.
5. Most importantly data cleansing increases revenue and decreases cost of marketing.

Our Process

data cleaning process

We deliver a wide range of data cleansing / data enrichment services, including:

  • Identifying and removing duplicate, irrelevant, obsolete and invalid records based on multiple criteria’s.
  • Identifying and correcting, inaccurate, missing and spurious data.
  • Merge and append data.
  • Address Data Cleansing.
  • Creating new data fields from existing fields such as city, state from address field.
  • Identify and Add missing details like first and last names, dob, telephone, city, state and postal codes.
  • Adding additional information to existing databases like product attributes or images.
  • Properly format data fields such as Names, Zip, Phone.
  • Correct mistakes related to spellings, abbreviations and type errors.

Outsource data enrichment to Open Door Virtual Office and gain an advantage over your competitors in your marketing strategies and data analysis. Discover how we can help you process data efficiently for your business. Get free work sample before you hire us.

Benefits of choosing Open Door Virtual Office as your data cleansing partner

We possess broad experience across a wide range of industries.

Commitment to Data Quality Management Norms

We strictly stick to the data quality management standards and make sure that the work delivered is of flawless and has high accuracy.

Customizable And Scalable Service

We deliver customized services that are aligned with your strategic objectives. Our services can be scaled up or down as your requirements change without affecting the quality of the output.

Data Security and Data Confidentiality

We give highest importance to data security and confidentiality. Your data will be protected and will not be used or shared with anyone.

Latest Technology

You will take advantage of the latest technology and procedures, as we stay up to date on all best practices of data cleansing and enrichment.

Cost Reduction

Your business will not only save money by outsourcing work to us but also will notice reduced operational cost by using cleaned data in marketing and strategic decisions.

Constant Communication

We keep regular communication with our clients, you will be informed of the progress and quality of work. You can also ask for amendments during the project, if it takes less time, we will do it for free.

Free Sample Work

Still not satisfied? We are offering 1 hour of free work sample to help you make your decision easily.

Low Cost

Our price starts at 5$/Project (Small Projects) and 5$/hour.

Let Us Help You Clean Your Data. Get in Touch

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