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Data Processing Services

Data processing is the process of capturing raw data from multiple sources and converting that data into a presentable format that can be subjected to analysis if required. Raw data comes from various sources and in diverse forms, it can be a pdf file, text file, an image, an excel file or a database file. To transform this data into meaningful and actionable format, data processing experts apply a variety of tools and techniques. Today data is every where and organizations make decisions based on this data, but data collected is not always in the form that can be immediately used in their analysis or business processes. Today data processing is must for every organization but given the increasing cost of infrastructure and salaries, it is not always cost effective. In these scenarios outsourcing data processing services to a reliable service provider is your best solution.

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Data Cleansing

Open Door Virtual Office: Transforming Data into Usable Form

Outsourcing your critical data processing services to us gives you the benefit of reduces cost, experienced professionals and increased operational efficiency. We will help you with all of your data processing needs from capturing, extracting, digitizing data from various sources. We are providing data processing services to global customers for many years at affordable rates starting as low as 5$ per job.

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our data processing services

Data Deduplication

Duplicate data is a major source of distress and annoyance. It not only fills your precious storage space but can also lead to wrong results. Deduplication is not always easy, sometimes one column has duplicate values while other corresponding columns have unique values. So before removing duplicate entries data must be checked against other entries to save unique data values. This not only takes a lot of time and patience but also require the use of latest technology and experience. So, to do it properly you must outsource deduplication services to a reliable service provider.

Data Cleansing Services

We help our clients by providing clean, accurate and consistent data. We deliver customized data cleaning and formatting services at very attractive price points. Our experienced and diverse team ensures data integrity. If required our team will check each record manually, clean and update it. Our data cleansing service also include creation of new data dimension e.g. we can create “First Name” and “Last Name” columns from “Full Name” column or extract “City”, “State” from “Address Field”.

Email List Validation

Email address is the first and most comfortable line of communication with your customers. By validating your email address list, you make sure that you reach your customers and do not waste money on marketing campaigns by sending emails to invalid or wrong email addresses. With our email validation or email verification service we will help you identify invalid or syntax error emails. We will separate valid emails and invalid emails. You can then work on invalid email list to get new and working emails of your clients and use the valid email list in your marketing campaigns.

Data File Conversion

File conversion is a major requirement of every data enabled business or organization. Every now and then these organizations have a need to transform or modify the actual format of data into a required data format. E.g. conversion of fixed width text files to excel or csv file is a common requirement. Open Door Virtual Office helps its clients to convert large volumes of data from one format to another.

Forms Processing Service

Virtual office team is skilled at extracting useful information from forms. We can handle data processing from printed forms, scanned images, faxes and surveys. We will provide the data in the format you desire.

Research/Survey Forms Processing

We will help you extract data from market research forms and survey forms. We will relieve you from the task of extracting data from forms and provide speedy accurate results. We will extract data from any file format.

Ecommerce Product Listing And Order Processing Services

A smooth and correct product listing and updation ensures a seller’s success. We will list and update your products so you can focus on more critical business operations like sourcing and logistics. We will list and update your products on eBay, Amazon, WordPress or PHP Commerce websites. WE will also handle order processing if required.

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